Love, Inner Peace, Purpose & Answered Prayer

He has inscribed a circle on the face of the waters at the boundary between light & darkness. Job26:10ESV

Sweet Potatoes are a root crop. This cycle demonstrates how Christ is the root/seed planted in the earth(man) as stated Isaiah 53 Christ-"a root out of a dry ground..." - He loves us so much that he gave us his life, in death at 3:00, to move us from the root to the fruit. <- See the 3 min. video link for an overview & more
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So many people really struggle to find & understand the whole concept of Love,
as it applies to relationships,themselves, and even their concept of God himself.
But did you know, that the cycle of love established at the creation of the earth,
and the creation of your birth, is the same cycle established for the re-creation
of all things through love on earth? And that cycle is just a cycle of Meat,
Sweet Potatoes, Collard Greens & Corn Bread. It's Just Soul Food.

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-The Meat cycle shows how Christ is the Lamb of God, who came to shed his blood for us,
to re-create us and become the point of conception for all God's work in and through us.
-The Greens cycle shows how Christ is the heart of God, cleansing & transforming ours hearts through receiving his forgiving love. Christ gives us "rivers of living water" - John 7:38
- The Bread cycle will show how we live as the body of Christ receiving our daily bread.
Christ gives "seed to the sower, and bread to the eater" - Isaiah 55:10

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Concept page for a little taste.

Just Soul Food Bible Study is a collective perspective that lays out plainly on a plate of soul food the concepts, elements and cyclical pattern of love which, when fully digested, will lead us to resolution of fears, a better understanding of the intersection of all our worlds, and a more peaceful filled life. It was developed to simply illustrate both graphically and literally, how to unify our concept of God & love, calm the inner struggles, embrace inner peace, find our purpose, and receive answers to our prayers; through understanding the cyclical pattern of his love established at the creation of the earth, the creation of your birth, and re-creation of both on earth. It's Just Soul Food. Check out the Concept page for more detailed information on how this cycle of love works in our lives.

Meat - Benefits/Bullets:

After reading this book you will possess a greater ability to:

  • Receive love & acceptance of yourself & others.
  • Calm the inner struggle & gain inner peace.
  • Begin overcoming lifelong battles of fear, worry, & guilt.
  • Begin receiving a less confrontational world.
  • Understand the cyclical pattern of love.
  • Understand the link between love & answered prayer.
  • Learn the Who,What,Where,When,Why&How of prayer.
  • Identify & taste the 4 elements of soulful digestion.
  • Reference those elements in secular and biblical context.
  • Identify intersections between physical & spiritual.
  • Identify similarities between the secular & biblical world.
  • Receive more balance in your love, work, & spiritual life.
  • Eat a generous portion of soul food & not gain weight.

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      Most people, whether they believe in God, don't believe in God,  believe in  the concept of God or some supreme being, have heard the term love, or the concept of love, that is supposed to make the world go around.  But many of them are still struggling to figure out why this love has not worked for them toward bringing inner peace. People pray but they don't see their answers.  They often end up losing their direction and/or faith. Some just give up all together, while others end up trying many alternative ways toward renewing that peace,(ex. drugs, occults, etc.) and yet are still not seeing answers. This can be very disheartening, stressful, and frankly much, too much like work. This is not the original intent one seeks on the path toward enjoying a more peaceful, balanced life.

But did you know that there is an established cycle of love at your birth that is designed to guide and help you to receive an understanding of all things on earth.

Meat - Before your birth, conception and love
had to exist.
Root – You were initialized, born as a
human being, in and on the earth(vessel)
Greens - You had to receive nourishment,
acceptance and food, love at
the physical level to grow
Bread - Resulting in producing a little
bigger child each day
Meat - Returning to the parent/guardian for love on a daily

This is the cycle all people of the earth are born into and it is the
same cycle of love established at the beginning of the earth.
Meat - In the beginning God created the heavens
Root - and the earth. And the earth
was without form and void and darkness
was upon the face of the deep.
Greens - And the spirit of God moved on the
face of the waters. And God said
Bread - let there be light and there
was light.
Meat - And God saw the light that it was good.

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A better understanding of this cycle of love will help you find the nourishment needed to move toward a more peaceful centered life. We know that love truly does make the world go round. It is the universal force that guides, directs, interprets, and influences all things and within the whole cycle itself, contains all the help you need toward finding & receiving love, inner peace, purpose and actually seeing answers to your prayers.  This is not something new age, just a real world, physical and spiritual acceptance of those elements of God's love given in his Son Jesus Christ, established in the beginning of all our worlds, and how we develop through that love. It's Just Soul Food.

      Join us through the book or a presentation for a few hours of engaging and enriching your soul with love and laughter.  Believers will find this enriching because it will provide a means for restoration or deepening of their faith.  Non-believers will find it a rewarding safe environment for them to receive answers and add balance to their view of the world.

Seminars and group presentations last approx. 30 mins. So if your looking for some down home nourishment, check out the book and arrange an overview presentation for your particular group. See the Concept page for more information about the menu items being served and let's talk Just Soul Food.

The most important thing we do in this life is to encourage people to believe in Love, empowering them to help others.  

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